Cosby's Patron of the Arts Group


          Hello, Everyone,


A great way to continue bringing my new songs and videos into the world is

by having Patron of the Arts support.


And, a great way for us to join to together for this is

through a website designed for patrons and artists, called ""


By partnering with me on the Patreon website, Patrons directly help to

support my songwriting, performing, and touring while also

allowing a special way to connect with you.


I have some of the best listeners ever, and I'd love to involve you

more closely in the creative process


Last year, the majority of the goals were accomplished

Have a look at the current goals and some of the creations on our Patreon page.

Then, joining is easy.


This is what Patrons receive and do:

~ They pedge what they wish toward creations such as songs, videos, and drawings by Cosby

~ They receive up to three creations a month

~ Pledges are put toward artistic endeavors such as national touring and recording

~ Pledges can be as low as one dollar


As a Patron you receive also access to members-only content and special items.

      And best of all, you can follow along to see how your involvement makes it possible for your favorite songwriter to climb to higher artistic achievements!


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Cosby Gibson

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